At Nothing But Network Solutions we have a commitment to one prevailing objective; to help our customers maximize their efficiencies in communications and Internet technology to maximize their profits

We help our clients find the voice and data solution that fits their business needs as well as their budget taking the hassle away from them “shopping” around or making the mistake of thinking they are limited to one service provider or one product set.

We represent all of the major service providers here in the Valley as well as all 50 states.

Our services are never a cost to the client, we are paid by the service provider direct.

The pricing that we are able to obtain is the same as if the customer were working directly with the service provider. We never inflate our prices.

We initiate the order with the service provider, get all of the required documents to the customer and we project manage the entire process, taking that hassle away from the client or eliminating the need for them to hire an outside vendor to project manage. This includes coordinating with the voice and data vendors making sure all required cabling is in place when it needs to be in place and that the vendors have received the necessary technical information from the service provider to ensure they are able to successfully configure the client’s services.

We are the one point of contact for the client throughout the entire process eliminating the need for them to keep track of who is doing what.

Beyond the service installation, we remain the client’s one point of contact. We work directly with the service provider to facilitate any adds, moves or changes to the services. In addition, we also support the client with any issues that may arise with the service provider including billing issues or service issues. We have worked directly with the service providers and know the points of escalation if necessary.

If this is a brand new business looking to start up and does not know where to start or even what is required, we can refer them to very reputable companies to purchase a phone system that will work in conjunction with us and the service provider.

If this is an existing customer who already has voice and data services, we can do a cost comparison, comparing what they currently have to what is available on the market. More often than not, we are able to find a solution that will save them money without sacrificing services or products.